Hosur International School is committed in providing an educational programme that is well-balanced, student-centered and appropriately challenging for all. We guide our students towards becoming holistic individuals, empowered thinkers, effective communicators and global citizens. HIS is an independent international school in Hosur. We successfully deliver a high quality educational programme for students from of early childhood and primary years. Recognized for the strong sense of community and connectedness among students, teachers and families alike, HIS is proud of the unique and enduring sense of belonging it promotes


We achieve our goals through a challenging academic programme enriched by a broad and highly diverse curriculum, vibrant visual and performing arts, an extensive sports programme at both intra-mural and varsity levels, unique experiential learning opportunities, challenging leadership programmes, dedicated community service, and a school - wide commitment to support student success.


Our child-friendly programme, with its small class sizes and personalized attention, provides each child with the tools required to reach their academic potential and be happy and to become considerate members of our learning community. HIS prepares students to become leaders in meeting the ever-changing needs of the world and equips them with the knowledge to face challenges in a cross-cultural environment.





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