Welcome to Hosur International School

The best of beginnings for a life time of learning


                         Children are not the people of tomorrow, but are the people of today. They have a right to be taken seriously and to be treated with respect. They should be allowed to grow into whoever they were meant to be. And inside each of them is our hope for the future. Primary education is a critical stage in children´s development - it shapes them for life. It also gives them the essential tools for learning. Primary education is about students experiencing the joy of discovery, solving problems, being creative, developing their self-confidence as learners and maturing socially and emotionally.


We are a school that likes to celebrate success – at every level. The life of the school is driven by enthusiasm and a desire to achieve. We aim to bring learning alive, making it exciting and stimulating. We want to give our students a thirst for learning that continues with them throughout their future school experiences and lives. An essential ingredient for this to happen is teamwork. We view education as a joint venture, involving everyone –  students, parents, staff and the wider community. We hope that we will be able to depend on your co-operation and support in this partnership, knowing that together we can provide the best for every child.


Hosur International School is now a candidate school for IB Primary Years Programme pursuing authorization as an IB World School. These are schools that share common philosophy - a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education that HIS believes is important for our students.



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